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Old Memories

Keren High School Students

Outlook Magazine 


Compiled by Yohannes Ferdinando Drar

Ottawa, Canada

February 4, 2010


To all former students of Keren high school (Then called Atzie Dawit Secondary), especially graduates of the 60s and 70s, the school had a magazine run by the students. To preserve the memory of our former students, I am trying to collect copies so that people can remember their classmates and friends. I have the first edition from 1967 with different articles that I have transcribed. The magazine has poems, question and answer sessions, biographies and thought pieces. The articles are mostly written by students and teachers. I would suggest any former students from the high school to forward materials that could be important for our website.

Below is a listing of all former teachers at Keren High School or Atzie Dawit during the 1960’s and 70’s. Some teachers were from India, Peace Corps teachers from the U. S. including local teachers. The first director of the high school was Mr. Mahmoud Adam and then Mr. Mahmoud Kanouni (1960’s & 1970’s). I have collected the information from the Outlook Magazine Newsletter published by students in the 1960’s. I have also redesigned and reprinted it for your enjoyment! I encourage all former students to send any informative memories to the website.




Mahmoud Mohammed Ali (Kanoni)


Mr. R.G. Rajan

Mrs. Indira Rajan

Mr. S.S. Bedi

Mr. Laine Desta

Mr. Osman Omer Omran

Mr. Nandalal Dashora

Mr. Gurmit Singh

Mr. Raj Rahadur Singh

Mr. B.D. Shinde        

Mr. Ramakhandra Nair

Mr. Ibrahim Yasin

Mr. C.L. Khanne

Mr. Negash Adem

Mr. K.G. Cyriac    

Mr. K.L. Monga

Mr. Fessaha Taffari

Mr. Getatchew Kibret

Mr. B.S. Verema

Mr. A.S. Wadewa

Miss Joanne Feldman

Mr. Tesfaldet Tekle

Mr. Vijay Singh

Cooperation Enables Us to Overcome Problems


By Kalaeb Negussie (11A) 


Cooperation is an English word which is pleasant to hear.  As every one of us knows education is the means and way in this world to eliminate ignorance, the greatest enemy of mankind and to live happily....Continue Reading

Cooperation and Interest

Abdinur Mohamed Saleh (11B)


I choose to write this topic because I feel that what our school demands from students is above all interesting and important. Cooperation and understanding between teachers and students. Interest is necessary and badly needed in students and in school life.  To teach and learn are both very difficult and a hard jobs....Continue Reading

Is the Teacher or the Soldier Helpful for the Nation

Kifle Weldesilasie (10C)


As we all know it is necessary for a student to express his ideas to an audience through debates or lectures. Having this in mind Ato Tesfaldet, the Amharic teacher held a very interesting debate. The debate was on. “Is the teacher or the soldier helpful for the country.”...Continue Reading

The Language Question in Science
By Fatna Mussa Haj (11A)


Nowhere is the need for international language clearer or more serious than in the field of science. It is very important for the worker in science to be able to keep in touch not only with the great discoveries but with the little additions to the store of knowledge made by month....Continue Reading

Why Do People Smoke?

By: Karrar Mohamed Ali (11)


I am very serious about why people smoke? Is it to appear grown up? Is it “to follow the crowd” or because someone told him not to do so? Anyhow I would like to give you a small account on smoking. Smoking cigarettes is very dangerous and that is because in cigarettes there is a drug called nicotine....Continue Reading

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