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Dear Bahlibi:

You have always been my contact person with the Keren High School reunion people, so I write this to you but intend it for anyone who was present at the D.C. event this past weekend.

In my entire life I have never been affirmed and appreciated as much as you good Keren people were to Marty and me. I have been just overwhelmed with a joyful feeling of goodwill between you native born Eritreans and me, an adopted Eritrean. Truly, we are a part of you just as you are a part of us. I am truly unable to find words to express our deep appreciation. Every one present was kind to us and so many people were able to re-connect with us after many years apart. We were connected to people who we had not seen for forty or more years, and they had not forgotten what we did for them. This was their opportunity to tell us in person - one after another all weekend long. Truly, I could not even get on the elevator without someone riding up with me to tell their own story, or that of a relative we helped decades ago. If I went to the bar, someone was there to buy my beer.

The award presented to us touched our hearts. It says we are the parents of orphan children. If nothing else, that is what we would like to be remembered for.

Our hearts remain in Keren and one day, we pray, we will be able to return.

Thank you all and God bless you all.


Mr. Hugh's comment on the 3rd reunion.

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