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Cooperation Enables Us to Overcome Problems

By Kalaeb Negussie (11A)


Cooperation is an English word which is pleasant to hear.  As every one of us knows education is the means and way in this world to eliminate ignorance, the greatest enemy of mankind and to live happily.  But when we think about ourselves we give for education its worst meaning – writing and reading only are far from the truth.  To be educated means to add something to your natural gift – being human.  To know more, to be wise, to distinguish fact from fancy, good from bad is to be educated.  I don’t deny the importance of reading and writing for they make us think more.  But the problem is do we use in action what we read from the books?  If we don’t use the ideas then it means simply we read the words.  Let’s say everyone got the highest type of education, if possible.  Unless he participated with others, he is a failure in his real life, because his knowledge will rust as a piece of iron left in moist air.


Well, I am not far from fact if I say that a student is responsible for the future of his country.  Dear students do we have this spirit?  To answer this question we need to know which way we are following and it is better to leave it for all of us to answer for ourselves.  Many of us discuss things privately.  Why not openly?  I feel this is the greatest obstacle to our progress to today.  It is true that we feel and know that cooperation is necessary, but will someone from somewhere come to open this door for us?  No, so we students today, men and women of tomorrow, must be the responsible ones for, otherwise, we will suffer further.  To look more than you are is valueless.


Let us call this year our year as the historians called 1960 the year of Africa because many African countries got their independence.  There are many local feasts which we like to celebrate by quitting classes.  What are the results?  Disaster and failure only.  Therefore, why don’t we discuss and correct the mistakes.  Teachers are always glad to guide and help.  The great men say, “United we stand, divided we fall!”  If we want to be self-sufficient we must cooperate, if not we will depend on others for centuries.


All this can be summarized in a sentence – we have to be loyal and active students.

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