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Cooperation and Interest

Abdinur Mohamed Saleh (11B)


I choose to write this topic because I feel that what our school demands from students is above all interesting and important.  Cooperation and understanding between teachers and students.


Interest is necessary and badly needed in students and in school life.  To teach and learn are both very difficult and a hard jobs without having attention towards each other.


My idea is particularly based on students’ attentiveness and cooperation in school.  There are many kinds of cooperation – mental and physical.  Parents help and support their children to be physically healthy and strong, give them food, clothes and everything they need.  Teachers help in building our minds and lead us towards good morality.  But if you are not interested, and attentive to what the teacher says or does, no one can change your outlook.  The teacher is simply like a radio.   If you attend and listen to him he will give everything he has but if you don’t you gain nothing.


Due to the help of the director and all the teachers, our school, though at present is not the best, is also far from the worst.  We have qualified teachers but as a soldier could not fight without weapons, teachers also, though they try very hard can not do much to overcome the difficulties to make students understand without experiments, libraries, etc…  We have a laboratory but it is not advanced and sufficient to make most points clear.  There is some difficulty in understanding Chemistry, Physics, and even Biology and due to this fact some students drop them when they are asked to chose their subjects.  We also need typewriters for students to learn how to type, because it is useful in nearly all types of professions.


Fortunately the school population is large this very year.  We have about seven hundred students and this will help us to create from ourselves a cooperative unit to help the school create from ourselves a cooperative unit to help the school reach high standards and satisfy the needs of student’s lives in the school or outside the school.


Now after all this we know what is our duty to the school, for ourselves and what pattern we should set so that it can be followed by our successors and youngsters in the near future.  Since we are large in number there is no problem of collecting money and by the way it is not going to be too much if everyone contributes.  We have to be interested to do this.  I know and I feel too, how a person feels in giving money, but once it is given and for a fruitful thing then you feel happy and satisfied for what you have done.


In conclusion I hope (and I have much confidence in my fellow brothers) to attempt to reach this goal and I wish for all students teachers and all my country men good luck and success to be with them now and in generations to follow.



“Divided we fall

United we stand”

A million dollars or more

For all to give a hand

Is very simple now.

A nice deed is a good lead

See by your eyes and read

My short and simple verse

Pray God to help us rise.

As student and human being

In school home and every where

Let’s work to raise our living

To relieve catastrophy and pain.

Be interested in others

Give and cooperate as brothers

I am sure our enemy

Ignorance will perish

Pulling its evil sources.

Interest and cooperation

Are society’s foundation

Without them life is destruction.”


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