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Outlook Magazine 

Why Do People Smoke?

By: Karrar Mohamed Ali (11)


I am very serious about why people smoke? Is it to appear grown up? Is it “to follow the crowd” or because someone told him not to do so? Anyhow I would like to give you a small account on smoking. Smoking cigarettes is very dangerous and that is because in cigarettes there is a drug called nicotine. This drug is very dangerous and it contains highly poisonous chemicals. It acts on the cells of the nervous system so that they can not do their work properly. The nicotine which is found in one cigar can kills two adults and even in three cigarettes there is enough nicotine to kill a person. The amount of the above nicotine is about one fife hundredth of an ounce. We see that no one dies from smoking one cigar or more but that is because most of the nicotine goes off in the smoke at the burning end.


Please watch the tips of toes and fingers of a smoker. The temperature in these parts is 53F. Due to smoking the heart beat is increased and there is a slight increase in sugar in the blood. The mucous membrane in the mouth becomes paler. Smoking when hungry causes loss of appetite and this of course will affect the health. All authorities agree that smoking reduces the chance of a long life for the average person in any age group, especially for teenage boys and girls. At last, I would like to tell you that by smoking a person gets cancer- incurable disease in the entire world.

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