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It is with great sadness that Keren High School Reunion Board announce the death of our beloved Kerenite teacher, Ustaz Berih AliSheikh, who passed away peacefully on Thursday May 28, 2015 in Keren, Eritrea.

Ustaz Berih AliSheik


Brief Biography

By Saeed Berih


Mr. Berih was born in Megarih,

Keren, Eritrea in 1930. The loving

son of Alisheik Berih Mendal, chief

of Bet Gebru tribe. He was nick

named "Negus" which means king

in Tigrigna.

He grew up in Megarih commuting several kilometers on foot to get to chool and traded eggs to support his education. He graduated from "Teachers Training College" in Asmara and started his teaching career in a one-room school house in Berkentia village in the outskirts of Keren. After a few years, he moved back to Keren and taught at "Boys Elementary School" for 4 years. He then moved to Asmara and become a principal at "Akhria Islam Timhertibet" where he expanded the school and assisted orphans in getting education opportunities in the school. Mr. Berih did eventually settle in Keren in 1968 as an administrator at "Atsie Dawit Secondary School" where he provided shelter within the school for low income, out of town students.

Mr. Berih was a private family man and he embraced family values, education and community unity. He was the guiding light for his family and he was well respected by his colleagues and community. Many have come forward with testimonials about his support to individuals and families during hardship and time of need.

Mr. Berih was not only an educator, but entrepreneurial as well. He owned a convenience store, a mill, farm animals, farm land, real estate and merchandise trading business. He was humble and always grateful and thankful to God for his blessings.

Mr. Berih was a role model for his community and the beloved father of 13 kids and 44 grand kids across 3 continents. He will always be remembered as a teacher and for his strong, loving and caring spirit. May God bless his soul.


The Keren High School Reunion Board and members convey their sympathies to the Berih Ali Sheikh family and ask the lord to rest his soul in paradise.

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