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Ustaz Mahmoud Kanoni My Favorite Principal

By Abraha Zerai

Ustaz Mahmud Kanoni was my favorite principal. Keren High School


students have rich memories about their school, thanks to Mr. Kanoni. He worked tirelessly to make sure that every child got quality education even though Keren was a war zone. I remember one day when he came to my classroom and was scolding the few who were disturbing our classroom. I remember a lot of his quotes. One of his quotes was, “A grinning lion seems like a laughing loin.” He wouldn’t tell us directly, but he was angry at the few who would come to school to have fun and waste valuable time. He devoted his time and energy into promoting education. To me he was a father and a big brother. He was my role model, and I know he was role model to all Keren High School students. I wish him long, healthy and happy life

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