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Can you remember your former Peace Corps Teachers?

Here is a list of former Peace Corps teachers who served in Keren, Eritrea. The Peace Corps teachers served in Eritrea during the Ethiopian rule and after independence of Eritrea. I have collected this information from the Peace Corps website and it might help former students to reminisce their student life in Keren.
-Yohannes Ferdinando Drar (Ottawa, May 28th, 2010)


Peace Corps Volunteers who served in Keren: 
Barbara Fountain 1962-64
Mark Himelstein 1962-64
Barbara Fountain Lorah 1962-64
(Richard) Terry Moon 1962-64
J. Terrence O’Herron 1962-64
Richard Goldsmith 1964-65
Stephen H. Montgomery 1965-67
Richard A. Read 1965-67
Roger C. Roller 1965-67
Catherine Carow 1966–68
Catherine Carow Lozier 1966-68
Joanne Feldman Richards 1966-68
Patrick T. McCue 1968-70
Dale Joseph O’Bryan 1968-
Sarah Hast Donovan 1995–97
Sarah A. Hast 1995–97
Kristy Barnes 1997–98
Gary Roundtree 1997–98

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