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The Keren High School Reunion organizing committee is working on a book project on the Memories and Recollections of Keren High School – 1948 to Present. We are asking former/present middle school and high school alumni to submit articles and memories on our student life in Keren. As we know the school started in 1948 during the British Military Administration in Eritrea, and became a high school in 1964 during Ethiopia's rule of Eritrea, and now still continues as a high school after independence. We invite submissions of articles from former students, teachers, directors and other interested individuals. The frame work of the format of the book could be sent to interested individuals. We expect all written articles to be submitted by the end of February 2016.

Thank you for your cooperation and interest.

For further information you can contact

Yohannes Drar

Phone: +1613596340


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